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Fandom News: Rapmon say wuuuuuuuuuuuuut?! : Where Hime talks about foreign racial slurs in Korea along with SJM’s Swing and Yoo Inna with Godfrey Gao!

For more on the subject of foreign racial slurs in Korea, click here:

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the low touch event !!(゜∀゜ノ)ノ

soohyun knows all about that 

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Whats it like in UBeat?

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eli’s sexy meat commercial.

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[fanaccount] 131103 UKISS Inkigayo fanmeeting

question of the day: what is life?

So today my friend and I woke up semi-early to come to see UKISS in a sad attempt to get into the live show. Of course, we didn’t get in being numbers 79 and 80. But we did know there would be a fanmeeting afterward that we could see. 

Cue life altering events. 

I was a little too far away (and partially deaf) to hear a lot of the questions and answers so I’ll just give you an account of what they did more than what they said.

So the boys came up and did their usual ‘We are U-kiss’ to us and went straight into the questions we had all written down prior to this fanmeeting. They started doing some parts of their performance, Soohyun was really into his singing and sang SO much! He kept on going and going and when they were going to go on to another member, he would keep on singing. It got so bad that Kiseop was like OKAY STOP and shoved his hand in Soohyun’s face to shut him up hahahaha. When they moved on to Kiseop, they asked him to just dance. And of course, Kiseop danced. Sexy as always ^^ They talked about his clothing and how it was revealing on his stomach and Soohyun (maybe Hoon) came over and tickled Kiseop’s abs! 

Kevin sang as well and I think there was a few members making fun of him ahaha, as one does when you’re a UKISS member: make fun of each other. Hoon also sang (and also was pulling on his ears, though I don’t know what that was about) and Eli and AJ rapped. Eli would rap and then abruptly stop and all of us were like ‘UM…is that all?!’ 

The next question came up (something about dancing i think?) and Hoon picked Kevin up bridal style and Kevin be all like ‘Imma just gonna be picked up like it’s natural for people to carry me around like this’ but srsly omg Kevin did look very comfortable being picked up like this hahaha. Soohyun started doing his dance where he has one hand over his eye and all the other boys were copying him and making fun of his dancing. Kiseop came over and was like ‘no, hyung, it’s better like this’ and made motions that Soohyun should just cover his entire face with his hand (so he can’t see/cannot be seen). They were so mean to each other today! So much teasing!

Kiseop also danced his sexy dance again, but this time he got so enthusiastic that he knocked his hat straight off!

Soohyun was really leaderish today. There was a few times where they would ask a question and he was like ‘PASS’ and then the fans were like ‘BUT WHYYYYY!!!’ and he said ‘BE SILENT. I SAID PASS.’ It was so cute!!! 

They talked about hobbies I think? Or at least something they do in their free time. Hoon apparently cooks haha. Kiseop said that he liked photography and then the other members started making fun of him and Hoon was saying not photography you mean selca’ and made motions of him taking pictures of himself. All the other members agreed and mimed Kiseop taking selcas of himself. Kiseop was thoroughly amused by this. I’m also guessing that his answer of ‘going driving’ was his answer to what he would do on a date? (gah, i really wish i could have heard what they were saying…). Eli also said something about taking pictures, maybe together with his date?

Kevin apparently loves Kimchi Jigge and Eli does martial arts and did a roundhouse kick for us ^^ After Eli did his roundhouse kick, Kevin went over to compare Eli’s thigh with his by using his hands as measures and put them around Eli’s thigh and then his (elvin fans, this was your moment). AJ talked about Africa though I have no idea what this was about but Hoon was very excited about this and did this weird chest bump hug that looked more like they were rubbing their chests together while jumping up and down hahaha.

Randomly Soohyun tried to take a peek at Kiseop’s nipples. Soohyun was trying to pull kiseop’s wifebeater out so he could stare down at his chest haha kiseop would have none of that. Kevin did a little speech to us all and AJ started making fun of the way Kevin speaks. Kevin said that he wants to be with us ‘forever’ (or something, he said ‘forever’ in english) then Soohyun said ‘BE QUIET’ in english in a way that made me die because haha so funny!! 

Eli talked about how there there were so many more fans now than there was before, looking at how we filled up the basketball court we were sitting on. He was so happy about that and wants there to be more and more of us ^^ This was so sweet of him when he said this! Hoon started saying his own speech and was like ‘Concert!’ and we all were like ‘YESSSS!!!!’

AND THEN FOR SOME REASON THAT I HAVE NO IDEA WHY BUT HOON STARTED TAKE HIS CLOTHING OFF? first went his jacket then he kept on going and then he went behind the group and started taking off his shirt and we were all just like ‘BUT WHAT?!?!?!’ and then AJ had to be a cockblock and stood in front of Hoon as Hoon pretended to strip. Then we called at AJ to MOVE BECAUSE HE WAS IN THE WAY. and then Kevin heard us and thought we were asking him to move but we were like ‘NO AJ. THE OTHER ONE. STEP AWAY FROM THE PRIZE’ hahaha, not in those words, but pretty much that’s what we were yelling for¬! BUT THEN HOON JUST TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT AND I SAW ERECT NIPPLES? I’M SO CONFUSED AT WHAT MY LIFE IS?!

Soohyun was literally DYING ON THE GROUND WITH LAUGHTER BECAUSE HOON WAS HALF NAKED. We were also dying but because HOON WAS HALF NAKED. (i softly asked that kiseop do this too, but he of course didn’t hear hahaha)

And then there was some talking and then Kiseop was hanging all over Kevin and next thing we know, Kiseop takes Kevin’s hand and starts prancing around with Kevin. Then Kiseop is pulling Kevin in and gently guiding Kevin’s face so he can land a swift peck to Kevin’s lips!!! WE ALL FREAKED OUT. I MEAN…SO MUCH FREAKING OUT. LIKE. DEATH HAPPENED AND IT WAS GOOD. The boys looked like ‘oh not again’ while Kevin looked surprised and giggled a bit. Kiseop was quite proud of himself. I WAS QUITE PROUD OF KISEOP TOO OMG. THAT WAS A SMOOTH MOVE THAR KISEOP.

The others were speaking after this but I really couldn’t pay attention because my focus was Kiseop being backhugged by Soohyun and they were just SOOO lovey dovey today! what is life?!?!

Next was Soohyun’s little speech and Kiseop was trying to help him be louder by back hugging him and cupping his hands around soohyun’s hands to try and make Soohyun’s voice carry farther. This turned into a cuddlefest because Kiseop made kissy lips at Soohyun’s cheek (if not just kissed his cheek outright) and then Soohyun turned his face toward Kiseop’s and almost kissed Kiseop on the lips. What makes this moment the best is the face Soohyun makes because it looks so naturally intimate that I think all of us just died. Guys stop doing these things to me.

So since Kiseop couldn’t make Soohyun sound any louder than he is, Hoon came over to help. Hoon belted out all of Soohyun’s messages for us. It was really cute because Hoon would repeat everything that Soohyun said and Soohyun said “I love you Hoon.” and Hoon said “I LOVE YOU HOON!” and they looked at each other and then just hugged each other tight and I cried because so cute omg today was just so much skinship! They really knew how to bring it today!

Anyway, they ended the day by coming over and taking four pictures with us! I ended up in front for one of them, right next to my bias!! Haha, I didn’t dare say anything to him tho, but I did say hi to kevin and shouted ‘omg’ in soohyun’s ear and he gave me a greasy looking wink back at me hahaha.

All in all a LOVELY day with UKISS. They’re always keeping my life so entertaining! 

Hope you enjoyed this crazy, delusional, biased fanaccount of mine ^^

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